Jennifer  Nelson is a writer, educator, curriculum developer and an intuitive coach.

She helps people improve their environments improving their communication skills. She believes that kindness and a good sense of humor are essential.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she’s TESOL certified, and she is currently enrolled in a Master’s of Education program. She’s also a healing arts practitioner.

In her free time she enjoys studying healing modalities and personal development skills.  Her goal is to help people find sovereignty remembering the divinity within themselves.

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“If we can change the way we interact with ourselves and one another, then that sets the tone for experiencing more peaceful and harmonious lives for everyone.” – Jennifer Nelson

Educational Philosophy

I believe that teachers are facilitators of educational experiences and not guardians of all wisdom.

I believe that children are inherently curious and willing learners, and they will remain that way if provided an encouraging environment.

I believe that education should personalized. Yet, I also believe that everyone can learn the same things, but it doesn’t have to be done in the same way.

My philosophy also says that knowledge of self is more important than memorizing things that may or may not actually be relevant to one’s life.

I don’t believe in producing educated robots that get in line and follow the script of life. If the script was working for the people who must participate in it, the world would be in much better condition.

In the Classroom

My philosophy impacts my classroom practices because I ask my students about their strengths, weaknesses, and personal interests. This helps me to create a flexible learning environment. I may have to follow the given curriculum, but that doesn’t mean I can’t add onto it as needed, or rework certain parts in order to make it a better fit.

My philosophy also impacts how I educate my children. It helps me to be more empathetic in regards to their individual needs because they learn in completely different ways. Therefore, trying to force uniformity on them would cause more difficulties than necessary.

They have to learn what they would learn if they were not homeschooled, but they don’t have to learn it in a way that is not in alignment with how they are configured. For example, it doesn’t matter to me if they learn math doing endless worksheets, or if they learn it playing computer games. The end result is what matters- can you show that you understand the topic?

But what is even more important than understanding math facts, is understanding their own unique talents and skills.


I offer reading and language arts tutoring for k-12 students. I also offer group classes and social clubs.


“In order to live in a more peaceful world, people have to be willing to create a more peaceful world. That requires the ability to challenge your belief systems, evaluate who you truly are as a person, and see beyond your immediate perspective so that you can move towards a perspective that wants to best outcome for everyone involved.” – Jennifer Nelson