September 16th 2020

Flexidemics Insights
By: Jennifer Nelson

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“Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality.” – James Cameron, TED 2010

Dear Friends,

There are a lot of theories about the purpose of schooling.  Ideas range from schools teaching children to be good citizens, to schools being babysitters so that parents can work.

We all have our own ideas about that. Yet, upon deeper reflection it is clear that the purpose is not to help students become the best versions of themselves so that they can serve a society that works on behalf of everyone.

In fact, the core of the educational complex is to make students fit into a machine that produces anti-human results.  Education shouldn’t be a resource to serve corporate interests. It should be a tool of service to humanity.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that there are many loving people who work in these systems that have the best intent to help students do well in life. But then again, we have to get very clear about what it means to “do well”.

Does “doing well” mean that you get good grades, to get into college, so you can get a job and not be poor? Or is there more to life than that?

Why do we live in a world where anyone has to fear for their basic survival? Is there a better way to do things? These are the types of questions that need to be asked before any great change can occur.

Also, is there a deeper purpose to learning than to get praise from teachers, good test scores, and social acceptance? Should we learn things to receive a dangling carrot of external validation; or should we learn things to make ourselves into the best people that we can be?

Fortunately there are many people who have worked very hard to create options that allow for more love, creativity, and humanitarianism to flow into what we define as education. The purpose of this newsletter is to highlight that because you can’t have choices unless you know what your choices are.

The intent of this newsletter is to increase awareness of available educational options in order to encourage environments where students can align to their true gifts and talents. When people are aligned to their true nature and in touch with their loving hearts, they are able to co-create a harmonious world.

May we all reach our highest path and potential.

With Love,

Self Study
I believe that it’s very empowering when one discovers that you can learn how to do something without being enrolled in a formal course of study. Many times people limit themselves not having the confidence to learn things on their own via self-study and inquiry.

By coming to ones own conclusions, one can truly discover what they are capable of. Here are 15 Useful Skills That Can Be Learned Via Youtube

The Unschooling Teacher
Sometimes there is a perceived battle between teachers and parents who choose to homeschool their children. That is quite unfortunate because both groups can learn from each other. Also, the groups can overlap. Here is an article about a teacher who unschools her children.

This means that not only does she homeschool them, but she does it in an unconventional manner. One piece of advice she offers is to “avoid putting yourself in situations where you have to justify your decision to people who may not be sympathetic to home schooling.”

Homeschooling Perspectives
There were over 1 million homeschooled children in the United States before 2020 changed the way that society functions. There are many reasons that families choose to homeschool, and they implement various methods. Sometimes it’s good to observe what others are doing in order to see if it resonates with our personal goals. The Freedom and Fulfillment of Homeschooling gives insights into various views.

One parent noted, “The way he is able to tap into treating people in their fullest dignity is just as important to me as him being able to form his letters.”

Teach Children Entrepreneurship
There are many things that should be taught before college such as how to balance a budget, how to de-escalate a situation, and how to love yourself completely despite living in a world that may not encourage that. I also think that entrepreneurship should be taught because some people are born to be entrepreneurs.

If that is what someone is wired to do, then it’s going to be very difficult for them to fall in line with the belief that they need to aspire to get a job. This article highlights why entrepreneurship should be taught before college . The author notes that, “even if your kids ultimately decide that they don’t want to open a business, there’s a very good chance they’ll end up working for one. ”

Entrepreneur Board Game

I’m a fan of using games to teach so this was especially interesting to me. The Entrepreneur Game
“is a fun, educational, and interactive way for children and adults to learn how to start and build a successful home-based and/or brick and mortar business.”

Going to College is an Option. Not Going to College is an Option.

I sometimes talk to my children about going to college because that is what I am expected to do. But deep down I feel that they have to decide what is best for them. They may decide that college will help them with their goals, or they may decide to take another path. I support either choice.

I found this article in which a father describes how he failed to prevent his child from going to college to be quite interesting. He states, “We’re graduating a generation of little children that have more debt than any generation before them. Because it has never happened before we can only guess if the outcome is good or bad. ”


Remember to love yourself and to always follow your inner guidance. Therefore, take what
resonates and discard the rest.

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