January 6, 2021

Flexidemics Insights

By: Jennifer Nelson

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“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” – John Lennon

Dear Friends,

How do you encourage the youth in your life to focus on their unique path and potential? This question becomes especially relevant as children turn into teenagers.

Do you tell them to focus on finding a job that pays the most, or are we as a society moving towards being more aligned with our true purpose?

Deciding on a career can be difficult. Most people use some type of self-reflection or self-evaluation in order to choose what to do. This could include taking a personality test, such as the Enneagram . If you are interested in finding out your Enneagram you can do so here for free.

However, the purpose of the test is not just about finding a career, it’s a starting point for deeper self awareness. When we have this awareness we are able to tune into how we can best be of service to others.

If you feel like this sort of exploration resonates with you, I would recommend reading The 9 Ways of Working: How to Use the Enneagram to Discover Your Natural Strengths and Work More Effectively Michael J. Goldberg. This book does not give a list of careers, but it explores how the different personality types work best and how they work with one another.

We all have different paths that should be appreciated and respected. May we all bask in the beauty of our personal potential.

The intent of this newsletter is to increase awareness of available educational options in order to encourage environments where students can align to their true gifts and talents.

When people are aligned to their true nature and in touch with their loving hearts, they are able to co-create a harmonious world.

With Love,



The Magic of Vedic Math

Math is not my favorite subject, but that’s only because I wasn’t taught properly. It seems like the educational system teaches math in a way to make students feel inadequate and confused. I didn’t learn to multiply like this in school, but if I would have had access to The Magic of Vedic Math that would have made a big difference. This video is definitely worth watching.

Too Many Assessments!

Too many assessments can be harmful because it creates a paradigm where people are focused on the wrong outcomes – rote memorization, competition, and precise regurgitation.

Kohn says, “Standardized assessments are necessary only if our question is “Who’s beating whom?” If our question is “How well are teachers teaching and students learning?”, assessments do not have to be identical from place to place. In fact, they do not have to — and usually should not – consist of tests at all, let alone one-shot, stressful, paper-and-pencil tests. Testing is not only unnecessary; its results are profoundly misleading”

How insightful!

Choosing Love Over Fear

I had a discussion with some students who were upset about the state of the world. Naturally, they wanted things to go back to normal so they could have fun, get a job, and spend time with their friends. That makes perfect sense.

But I noticed some fear-based narratives within their comments. I didn’t say anything about it because my job is to be a compassionate witness. But I really wanted to tell them not to be afraid.

We know what adults are saying to one another, but what impact does that have on our children? What seeds are we planting?

This made me think of a piece that I wrote on the truth about fear. May we all choose love over fear.


Remember to love yourself and to always follow your inner guidance. Therefore, take what resonates and discard the rest.


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Flexidemics Insights: Love and Self-Awareness