October 7, 2020

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By: Jennifer Nelson

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“The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. It is not for you to choose what he shall know, what he shall do. It is chosen and foreordained and he only holds the key to his own secret.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Dear Friends,

There is a famous quote that says to be yourself because everyone else is already taken. But what does it mean to be yourself?

Do most people get a chance to explore who they really are; or are people shoved into false identities in order to meet others expectations?

If you have children, are they free to be themselves, or are they expected to live up to the dreams you have for them? Of course children need guidance; but are they being guided to be who they truly are; or are they being guided to find the best way to fit into one of the societally accepted boxes that has been constructed?

Yes, there are certain values that need to be instilled. In order to live in peaceful and harmonious world it is important to be kind, disciplined, honest, and compassionate; but that can happen without the extra burden of being forced into a conveyor belt of conformity.

If you don’t have children think about yourself as a child. Whose expectations were you forced to live up to? Did your primary caregivers or peers ever make you feel that your self-esteem hinged on their approval?

Next ask yourself if these expectations were in alignment with who your heart felt you truly were as a person. If the answer is yes, then how lovely for you. However, many people might have to catch their breath after deeply reflecting on these topics.

The point is that we teach children to fit into a world that many people don’t enjoy living in. We should stop encouraging children to conform to what clearly doesn’t work just because conformity soothes our nerves.

How about we become comfortable with being uncomfortable with the current state of things; and that way we will will be able to bring in a more authentic form of comfort.

The intent of this newsletter is to increase awareness of available educational options in order to encourage environments where students can align to their true gifts and talents. When people are aligned to their true nature and in touch with their loving hearts, they are able to co-create a harmonious world.

May we all reach our highest path and potential.

With Love,

The Pros and Cons of Going to College

We are often told the benefits of going to college.  Mainly, that if we go to college we will learn who we are, and leave the experience with a piece of paper that protects us from being poor.  That certainly is one point of view. But this author presents another, and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart!  But his point fits well with the theme of this letter because he writes – “go to the college of you”.

But There Are Reasons to Go to College

There are good reasons to go to college, but it’s time to move beyond the standard trope that may may not actually be true in this day and age.  For example, people are often told to go to college to make more money but they leave out the part about the lost opportunity cost, getting into debt, and the struggle to find a job to pay off the debt and the stress that comes with that.

If I were to write an article about reasons to go to college, I would say that you go because the path you are taking requires it.  Everyone must know their own path.  Here are some career paths that require college.

Nature school

There is a lot of focus these days on preparing children to sit in front of the computer for hours and interact with artificial intelligence; but let us remember the importance of organic creations.  Nature school hacks gives some ideas on how to foster a love of observing the natural world.

The Ultimate Guide to Gameschooling

People who call themselves gameschoolers use board games as the core of their curriculum. This article gives a great primer on how to do implement a gameschooling system.

Teaching Empathy

Sometimes children need to be reminded of the importance of their emotional senses.  This helps them navigate the world from an empowered state. Here are some suggestions on how to teach empathy.

Obeying Orders Can Dull Empathy

I saw an example of this happening  on social media. A mother asked how to explain to her son why he needed to fill out an application and provide a cover letter and resume in order to apply for a job.

Many responses said that employees jobs were to just shut up and do as told if they wanted the job, because people who can’t follow directions don’t make good employees.  I guess that is why I have never made a good employee!

I congratulated the mother on having an inquisitive son and I encouraged her to support his desire to think critically.  Then I reflected upon what I had just witnessed. This article explains that ,”We are all empathic beings who normally suffer when we harm other people. But if we obey the orders of others, this empathy is reduced. Our conscience is dulled, and the brakes on our violence are weakened. ”

“Before me peaceful, behind me peaceful, under me peaceful, over me peaceful, all around me peaceful.” – Navajo Proverb


Remember to love yourself and to always follow your inner guidance. Therefore, take what
resonates and discard the rest.

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