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Please make sure you have submitted the consent form. If it would be helpful for you to download this daily tracker, please do so. This is not required.
Let’s Begin….

1. Please have your child fill out the initial survey. Be sure to include the parents email address and the child’s age, gender, and continent. Please do not proceed until this survey is completed.  After the survey is submitted, you will be directed back to this page.


2. After the above survey is completed, have your child choose whether to say the affirmations each day, or whether to listen/watch to the affirmations each day.

PDF of Affirmations

Video of Affirmations


3. Have your child read or listen to the affirmations each day for 14 days. Any time of day or night is fine.  You can use the tracker above to keep track of how many days were completed.


4. After 14 days, please have your child fill out the final survey which will be emailed to you. You can also find the form here.  If you do not complete 14 days, that is okay. Please submit whatever information is available. One of the questions will be how many days was your child able to say the affirmations.


5. Each family will have a different start date, but the data collection period ends on April 29, 2022. Please submit the final survey form by May 1, 2022. Thank you.